"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, gun control in particular, a top priority. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."


Her Work In Council District 14: 

Councilwoman La Keisha Jackson’s

City-County Council Portfolio

August 2014-August 2019


Councilwoman La Keisha Jackson’s Work In Council District 14:

1. Infrastructure (roads, bridges, sidewalks)-over $24 million in 4 years just in my council district.  

    New sidewalks that have never been. It took 40 years! Major Projects:

  • 25th Street (between Post Road & German Church Road)-Resurface
  • Post Road (between (I-70 East & Pendleton Pike)-Re-Surface, Medians & Sidewalks

  • 42nd Street (between Post Road & German Church Road)-Resurface

  • Mitthoeffer Road (between 21st Street & 42nd Street)-Resurface & Sidewalks

  • 38th Street (between Post Road & German Church Road)-Resurface, Made 4 Lanes, Sidewalks & Bridges

  • 21st Street (between Post Road to German Church Road)-Resurface

  • Mitthoeffer Road (between 21st Street to 10th Street)-Resurface & Sidewalks

  • Residential Streets Infrastructure Projects-List Coming Soon

  • Pending Major Project-German Church Road (38th Street to 46th Street)​

2. Advocated & Supports the IndyGo Transit Plan-Specifically the Purple Line (runs in my District)-Has one of the highest ridership in the City of Indianapolis.

3. Advocating for youth employment & programs to include funding support from the city

4. Advocating for diversity in law enforcement and training 

5. Fought to keep John Marshall open-Attended IDOE Hearings & IPS School Board Meetings

6. Purchase & Demolition of Oak Tree Apartments-Council Proposal 302, 2018

7. Acquiring & demolition of Town of Terrace (In progress-pending legal battle)

8. Addressing crime in city and advocating of enforceable solutions to include intervention & prevention 

9. Partnership and engagement with community agencies and groups 

10. Working on new district fire station (last 4 years)

11. Working on ending food desert in district 

12. Fighting for economic development in district-working on strategic plan for district 

13. Working to get a city adopted Quality of Life Plan 

14. Advocating for Clean Neighborhoods & Funding to Support Trash Pick Up

15. North Post Road Redevelopment-Council Proposal 353, 2018

16. Advocated for Reduction in City’s Gun Violence-“Making Gun Violence A Public Health Issue in

      Indianapolis”-Proposal 275, 2018

17. Advocated for Funding to be Appropriated to Support Purchase & Demolish of Oak Tree Apartments-Council Proposal 2, 2019

18. Collaboration and Work with Several Community Agencies, Groups and Leaders to Advocate for   

      Positive Change to Enhance the Overall Quality of Life of the City of Indianapolis and Far Eastside:

  • Mt. Carmel Christian Church
  • The Caring Place Church

  • Carriage House East Apartments

  • Community Alliance of the Far Eastside, CAFE

  • Council District 14 Coalition

  • Far Eastside Community Advisory Council, Chair

  • Far Eastside Community Council

  • Fervent Prayer Church

  • FENA

  • The Glick Foundation

  • John Marshall Re-Development Advisory Council

  • Indianapolis Warren Township Library 

  • Mayor Joe Hogsett’s Administration/Office

  • Marion County Public Health Department

  • Phalen Leadership Academy @ Francis Scott Key 103

  • Apartment Manager Roundtable Meetings

  • Neighborhood HOA’s

  • Neighborhood Apartment Communities

  • Local Businesses and Stakeholders

  • Resident Councils

  • Business Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement)

  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)

  • Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD)

  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB)

  • Indy Parks

  • Boys & Girls Club (38th & Post Road)

  • Warren & Lawrence Township Schools (IPS, Township & Charter)

  • Support & Host Annual National Night Out Events

19. Advocated for Revised Parks Plan for District 14 (to include pool & family life center)-20 Year Plan

20. Advocated for Additional Upgrades, Trials & Parks Amenities for District 14

21. Worked on Far Eastside Quality of Life Plan-Steering Committee Member

22. Steering Committee Member for Far Eastside Weed & Seed-Yielded over $3 Million in Local & Federal Support

23. Continued Advocation to Eliminate Food Desserts in District 14

24. Supported Robert Hearst of A&I Variety & Produce to Open & Seek Funding Support through City

25. Advocated and Attended Court Hearings for the Redevelopment of the Strip Mall @ East 38th Street and Mitthoeffer Road (north east corner)

26. Advocated for Safe Schools & Improved Education Funding For Schools

27. December 2018 voted to approve a $125 Million bond to repair infrastructure to fix pot holes.

28. January 2019 voted to approve $400 Million for the City’s short-term infrastructure repair for the next 4 years.

29. Authored Trash & Litter Abatement Proposal 255 which passed unanimously by the City-Council

30. Collaborating with Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE) to get Far Eastside Quality of Life Plan Adopted by the City in Indianapolis in 2020.

31. Worked with the Indianapolis Library and community for the renovation of the Warren Township Library @ 21st and Mitthoeffer Road-$3 million project

Council District 14 Boundaries:

North-46th Street

South-21st Street

East-Carroll Road/County Line Road

West-Post Road


Currently, Councilor La Keisha Jackson sits on the following five (5) Indianapolis City-Council Committees:

  1. Ethics Committee-Chairwoman

  2. Administration & Finance Committee

  3. Metropolitan & Development Committee

  4. Education Committee

  5. Municipal Corporations Committee


Who is La Keisha Jackson and why should I vote for her?

Councillor La Keisha Jackson is an advocate for the east side of Indianapolis. An Indianapolis native, she represents district 14. La Keisha has spent her entire life striving to make Indianapolis a better place. During her time as Councillor she has been a part of countless initiatives that could be found on her website.

How can I volunteer to help get Councillor Jackson re-elected?  

Currently the re-election for Councillor Jackson is at the forefront of all our minds. If you are interested in volunteering please contact: Jill Meals Herron at  jherron@flco.com or RaeVen Ridgell at raridgel@gmail.com with the subject line VOLUNTEERING FOR LA KEISHA JACKSON

Where can I get in contact with La Keisha?

 You could reach her by following her on Facebook at Councillor La Keisha Jackson, IG: Councillor La Keisha Jackson, or Twitter: JacksonforIndy